First Use: Montblanc Mahatma Gandhi Orange

I could have bought this ink twice during the early years of my collecting. Initially from the Montblanc Boutique in Brisbane where I selected their last bottle of Racing Green instead (definitely a good call on my part). Secondly in 2012 a bottle appeared on eBay for $60 - nope - way too much for an orange ink.

Fast forward to late 2015 when I saw a new old-stock bottle put up for sale by eBay vendor for USD$99 (AUD$160) I clicked buy without a second thought. (Don't think, just buy, regret at your leisure later - a motto for the compulsive collector) 

$160 sets a new record for the most that I have paid for a bottle of ink. At $3.20 per ml it is as expensive as first growth Bordeaux wine.

Is it worth it?

As an ink - No. It is a nice orange colour that shades but I have 17 other orange inks that perform just as well. Noodler's Apache Sunset, Private Reserve Shoreline Gold, and Sailor Jentile Apricot perform way better.

So why?

It is super rare, that is probably enough justification for the collector in me. It was as close as I had to a "grail" ink. I have twice declined to buy this ink so it was third time a charm.