My Flock has a new home

My new pen case arrived today from Franklin-Christoph. The 80 Pen Master Case is the biggest they sell and is a beauty. It is available in two colours - Black or Boot Brown - I chose the Boot Brown.

My old 40 pen case and the new 80 Pen Master Case.

When the case is unclipped and unzipped it lays out flat to display the four 20 pen capacity sides. My fingers are sore from stretching the elastic loops as they are tight! I suppose it is better tight than loose. They will loosen up with use as they did with my other pen cases.

All 43 of my Pelicans in their new home. I have a whole 20 pen capacity side empty as well as gaps in the other 3 sides. There is plenty of room for more of their friends.

All zipped and clipped up with carry handles extended. Where can I take it?

Four Franklin-Christoph inks take me to 309

I say NO to Shimmertastic Inks