I say NO to Shimmertastic Inks

Yesterday I posted the following tweet on twitter.

I have come to the conclusion that I don’t need the Diamine shimmering inks in my collection. What, am I delusional? Maybe. :)

It garnered three responses - one expressing the need for me to get at least some of these inks because they wished me to get to 500 inks - Oh, they will be waiting a while yet for that milestone (if ever).

The other two tweets expressed agreement with my statement and congratulations for the strength to say No to this selection of stunning inks. One of these, the Pen Addict contributor Susan Pigott used the very fitting descriptive term "Shimmertasticness" which I stole and shortened for the title.

So why not these Diamine inks given my seeming lack of restraint to add J.Herbin inks containing gold dust to my collection?

Well for several reasons:

  1. I am a compulsive, completist collector so I had to buy the two later gold dust laden J.Herbin 1670 inks to maintain the full set. (Having bought Rouge Hematite and Bleu Ocean before gold was added).
  2. I have rated inks with gold dust as the most dangerous in my collection so they can only be used with just 12 of my 93 pens - Not a great percentage.
  3. I use my inks for writing not art so the gold doesn't add much to the experience.
  4. I believe ink containing metallic dust is just a fad.

However I guess I will revisit my decision when a company that makes fountain pens starts releasing their own "shimmertastic" inks - Montblanc Diamond Dust Blue anyone...