Waterman Hemisphere Stainless, Hemisphere S/S Broad, inked with Noodler's Mary I

I will get it out of the way first up - this is the least favourite pen in my collection. If I didn't have a no sell policy with regards to my collection it would have been gone long ago. This pen was the second into my collection and the first when I returned to fountain pens in October 2010.

I think this nib is the worse part of this pen. It is a broad (L in Waterman coding). It is stiff, scratchy and not fun to use. If I ever take up nib grinding in my old age, this nib will be one of first to get some attention.

The second of the UK exclusives I bought from Niche Pens. The label has an image of Queen Mary I based on a portrait by Antonis Mor in 1554. The ink is bright red which I assume is a reference to Mary I being also called Bloody Mary for her persecution of Protestants.

A bright red ink with no shading to speak of, not very exciting from the boring nib.