Waterman Preface Blue, Preface 18K Stub, inked with J.Herbin 1670 Edition Anniversaire Emeraude de Chivor

It's not often that I am glad to see one of my Waterman Preface up for rotation but I am in this case as I knew it will allow me to try out J.Herbin's latest magical 1670 Anniversary Edition ink.

I am not a huge fan of these stiff Preface nibs but the stub version is the best of them - great flow, good line variation - made for penning signatures.

The typical J.Herbin 1670 Edition bottle - a small cube of glass with wax trim to mirror the colour of the ink.

This ink is number 300 into my collection and I am glad that it was the milestone ink as it is quite special. The writing sample fails to show it but the darker sections of the line strokes have a red outline and the whole of text sparkles when held to a light. This ink is likely to be used to pen my Christmas cards this year and is more than likely to get that honour in future years.