Pelikan M800 Tortoiseshell Brown Special Edition, M800 18K 0.9mm Stub, inked with Franklin-Christoph Black Cherry 749

I love this big brown Tortie, out of all my M800s this is probably my favourite. I have more colourful pens but this pen just screams classy!

The M800 is as big as I can comfortably use in the Pelikan range, with its brass plunger rod it is a heavier pen than my smaller Pelicans that all have plastic plunger mechanisms.

This nib started life as an OB (Oblique Broad) and while I use other oblique nibs in my collect quite well I could never get comfortable with this nib. In frustration I got a local nib repairer to grind this into a stub. It writes quite well now but is not as good as my other custom grinds.

I am a huge fan of Franklin-Christoph, I own quite a few of their leather pen cases and now have completed the set of the twelve second edition inks. The inks come in a nicely shaped bottle, easy to dip a plunger filler, and easy to file away in my ink drawer. 

Black Cherry is a interesting shade of ink, It is one of those colours that is good for a formal environment if you are bored with blues and blacks, it is subdued enough to not attract undue attention but is refreshingly different. A touch of shading from the 0.9mm stub.