Refining my pen collecting focus

Last night after the inaugural get-together for the Brisbane Chapter of the Fountain Pen Australia Facebook group I was reflecting over a glass of red on the great time I had, the charming people I had met and their stunning pens.

I was especially taken with Patricia's collection of Omas pens and how that represented to me such focus in collecting. I am not about to start buying Omas fountain pens (no matter how much I wish I could) but it did make me consider the focus I have in my pen collecting. (I am long past having a focus when it comes to ink collecting - besides maybe just buy them all...)

 My pen collection currently lacks a focus with models from ten manufacturers representing six countries; though it is dominated by Pelikan being 42 out of 94 pens. The obvious conclusion is that I should just double-down on Pelikan culling non-Pelikans to fund it. (In reality this is not possible as it would break my guideline #1)

Given the long history of Pelikan and the breadth of their range I had to set some criteria to limit the scope to something that is almost possible to achieve.

The Criteria

  1. Post-1997 Pelikan Souverän models only
  2. But excluding:
  • Models that are not comfortable in my hand. (M1000)
  • Models where the cap material is the only difference. (Mx30, Mx50)
  • Models that do not have the pelican bill clip. (M640)
  • Clear Demonstrators
  • Limited Editions

Which results in the following models:

  • M300, M320
  • M400, M405
  • M600, M605, M620, M625
  • M800, M805
  • plus M101N (I know it is not part of the Souverän range but I have 2 of the 3 versions released.)

So based on the criteria I have set and what I own I am left with 21 pens to fulfil my collection.

The 21 as a mind map. (I intend to keep this up to date on my Have and Need Page)

This is not a fixed list either as Pelikan releases new Special Edition pens each year as noted today in a post on The Pelikan's Perch.

304 & 305 Inks into my Collection

Bexley Americana Greenbrier, 18K Medium, inked with Noodler's Prime of the Commons Blue/Black