Pelikan M600 Pink Special Edition, M600 14K Fine, inked with Montblanc Pink Ink

One of my favourite movies of the '80s was the John Hughes classic Pretty in Pink (I had such a thing for Molly Ringwald).

The latest M600 Special Edition pen from Pelikan is the Pink and it is very, very pretty. This release is certainly aimed at the ladies with the colouring and particularly the corset-like inner packaging, none of this overt targeting phases me as a compulsive, completist collector of Pelikan Special Editions. :)

The Pink sports 24K gold plate trimming and white cap, nib section, and blind cap, it's closest relative in my collection is the M600 Tortoiseshell White Special Edition from a couple of years ago which features the same gold trim and white sections. One difference however is that while the Tortoiseshell barrel is transparent enough to see the ink level the Pink needs to be held to a strong light to see the ink inside. 

Another nice wet 14K two-toned Fine nib to add to my collection.

Interesting inner packaging.

Ignoring my Fountain Pen database's recommendations I identified three options for the ink to use first with this pen. They were Montblanc's Pink Ink, Pilot iroshizuku's kosumosu and Diamine's Flower Series Carnation. I didn't deliberate for very long and in the end it was all about pink so the winner was Pink Ink by Montblanc.