Sailor 1911 Medium Black/Gold, 14K Music Stub, inked with De Atramentis Christmas Ink 2012

Sailor make a huge range of pens. I only own their economically models being the 1911 Medium and Sapporo. Today one of my Black/Gold 1911 Mediums makes its return to rotation. The pen a simple black resin body with gold trim, it is not exciting but nib is, the Music Stub has to be one of my favourite nibs. It is not 3 tined like most MS but is really a broad stub. The ink my database recommended for this combination is about 12 weeks early. De Atramentis Christmas Ink 2012 is lovely blue with the scent of frankincense. My wife really likes the look of this colour so it will probably get a run in her fountain pen to write the Christmas cards.