Pelikan M400 Tortoiseshell White, M250 14K 0.6mm Stub, inked with Louis Vuitton noir magnetique

My Pelikan M400 Tortoiseshell White is a very pretty pen, with its gold tortoiseshell body and white cap. My biggest fear with it, however, is that it is too white especially the nib section, Consequently I fill this pen using a syringe with needle so that I do not have to dip the section in the ink, mostly just be overly cautious as I only use "safe inks" in this pen. 

The nib for this occasion is yet another of my Richard Binder grinds, the M250 0.6mm Stub lacks the line variation of a cursive italic, but it stills gives good line variation.

Noir magnétique (magnetic black) is pretty decent black on the page. It is not value for money but it is Louis Vuitton.