Bexley Americana Greenbrier, 18K Medium, inked with Noodler's Prime of the Commons Blue/Black

Into rotation comes another of my Bexley Americanas - this time the Greenbrier version. It features a faceted barrel and cap in a greenish marble effect resin with gold trim. It is quite a long pen but light as it is all resin. I am a fan of this model and have previously posted about its kin the Rio Grande RedYellowstone and the Sanibel Blue

The Bexley 18K Medium is a comfortable writer as it is slightly springy due to the length of the nib. 

One of things that attracts me to Noodler's ink is the sense of humour (or sarcasm) that features on the labels. The UK exclusive Prime of the Commons Blue/Black is no different, featuring quotes from famous politicians about the properties of the ink.

On the face of it just another blue/black ink. I think Noodler's have improved the flowability of their "security ink" as this ink doesn't suffer from the dryness of Luxury Blue or The Violet Vote. It apparently will turn bright blue if exposed to bleach.