Pelikan M620 Berlin, M620 18K Medium, inked with Visconti Black

My very pretty Pelikan M620 Berlin makes its seventh appearance in pen rotation since I bought it second-hand in September 2012 . Like it's kin the Stockholm, Madrid and Chicago, Berlin sports a semi-transparent marble effect patterned resin. Berlin's dominate colour is green - supposedly in recognition of the number parks and green spaces in the German city. 

Yet another of my 18K Medium nibs - I own five of this particular model - none of them write with the same line width. This one runs finer and is a bit dry, not my favourite nib as it can also be a hard starter.

The Italian manufacturer Visconti uses a distinctive bottle shape for their inks. While I love the look of this bottle it always worries me when I am filling a pen from it. The base is so small I fear it will tip over. I have most of the Visconti inks in glass bottles but I hear they are swapping over to plastic for all colours going forward. 

Despite owning 21 different bottles I am not a huge fan of black inks. I know that there is nothing as classy as a crisp black line on a white page but I would much rather use a dark grey that shades. Visconti Black however is good black black that does work well on the page.

Bexley Americana Greenbrier, 18K Medium, inked with Noodler's Prime of the Commons Blue/Black

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