Pilot Custom 742 Black/Gold, Custom 742 14K Music Stub, inked with Private Reserve Tanzanite

It has been a gap of four pens since my last Japanese pen came into rotation - that was a Sailor this is a Pilot - specifically the Custom 742 model. Black resin with gold trim are pretty much the hallmarks of a classic Japanese pen.  

I own five pens of the Pilot Custom 742 model - they each only differ by the 14K Gold nib that they sport. The nib today is the Music Stub - a broad stub that has three tines to ensure wet ink flow. I am always amazed looking at how close the tine cuts come to the edge of the nib.

The standard 50ml Private Reserve bottle - a good design, squat with wide mouth for easy pen filling.

Private Reserve Tanzanite is renowned as being one of the most free-flowing aka wet inks on the market. "If a pen is skipping or writing dry, try some PR Tanzanite in, if it still plays up, the pen needs to be looked at" was a common reply on the Fountain Pen forums. Tanzanite is named for the precious gem found mainly in Tanzania. It is a very nice violet-blue that shows good shading from this broad stub.

Brought up the Triple-Ton

Waterman Preface Gold Plated, Preface 18K Medium, inked with De Atramentis Bamboo