Waterman Preface Gold Plated, Preface 18K Medium, inked with De Atramentis Bamboo

Two posts ago I mentioned that I thought this version of the Preface was crass. Well it is but that is not going to stop me using it. This pen is identical the Silver Plated version except that it is Gold Plated. 

Another of my eight Preface Medium nibs - this one I adjusted to be wetter than the norm, so it is a favourite amongst them.

I am back to the De Atramentis inks - I seem to have developed a taste for this brand. The De Atramentis bottle is a good shape for filling pens - squat, with nice wide base and mouth.

I am not certain what bamboo is supposed to smell like - the scent of this ink is what I would describe as "grassy". I like the colour of Bamboo - a muted shade of green - I am not a huge fan of bright greens.