Ink Number 299 - Montblanc Leo Tolstoy Sky Blue

Today I added ink number 299 to my collection - Montblanc Leo Tolstoy Sky Blue, the Writer's Series ink for 2015. I actually bought two bottles, one to use now and one to keep with the aim of selling it in a few years when the market for old Montblanc Limited Edition inks (mint in box) should be lucrative.

The Box.

The Bottle.

The ink swab.

I am looking forward to using this ink but it will have to be with a broad nib as I believe that this ink will shade very well.

Waterman Preface Silver Plated, Preface 18K Medium, inked with Montblanc Bordeaux

Aurora Talentum Red/Chrome, 14K Medium, inked with Louis Vuitton bleu reveur