Sailor Sapporo Red/Rhodium, 14K Rhodium H-M, inked with Noodler's Antietam

Sailor pens rank second in number to Pelikan in my collection. I like the simplicity of the pens. This particular version of the Sapporo is quite handsome with its red resin and rhodium plated trim. It is quite a short pen and borders on what I find comfortable to use un-posted.

Sailor nibs are some the most consistent in my collection. They work first time and work with all my inks. This version, the 14K gold rhodium-plated H-M (hard-medium) is no exception. The line width is european fine and good for journalling. I do need to clean my nibs more thoroughly though as noted by the gunk build up near the section.

Yes another Noodler's ink into use. Antietam is named for the town that was the scene of the most bloody battle of the American Civil War - It is not a coincidence that this ink is a shade of red, in broader nibs, this ink will shade slightly to give the appearance to my mind of dried blood.