Pelikan M600 Ruby Red Special Edition, M620 18K Medium, inked with Waterman Purple

A Pelikan returns to my pen rotation after a break of three pens. The M600 Ruby Red Special Edition was released in September 2012 and I purchased it as soon as it was available so it returns to use just after its 3rd anniversary in my collection. My wife says that this pen's pattern reminds her of crushed roses and I take her word for it. The pattern is the same as the M320 Ruby Red  (which I also own). It is a beautiful pen but I say that about most of my Pelikans. :)

An 18K Gold M600 sized Medium nib which entered my collection with the M620 Piazza Navona. I have noticed no difference between a 14K and a 18K M600 nib in use - just more bling I guess on the special pens.

I started my ink collection with Waterman inks mainly because I owned Waterman pens and hadn't yet been exposed to the wide world of ink manufacturers. Waterman have since changed the name of their inks but the shape of the bottles remain the same. Apparently they will sit tilted over to allow filling when they are lower in ink but I have never been game to try. I sometimes have nightmares about spilling a bottle of ink on the carpet...

Waterman Purple is a good ink, very reliable, works with all pens, and easy to clean out. Enough said.