Hi I'm David,

There are at least seven things to know about me.

  1. I have collected and used Pelikan fountain pens since December 2010, exclusively so since May 2017.
  2. The current scope of my Pelikan collecting includes all fountain pens from the Souverän range, except those that do not have a pelican bill clip and/or where the only difference from standard is the cap material. I also collect the M101N and M120 series and a few selected pens from the M200 series.
  3. I have been extremely fickle with the naming of this site - It has had seven different names over the years - four of which still redirect here. I think I have now settled on TooManyPelikans.
  4. I am an outlier in the world of fountain pen users as I make extensive use of a database to document and track use of my collection. I use a set of ever changing algorithms within this database to propose the next pen, nib and ink combination to use in my rotation.
  5. I am a truely compulsive, completist collector. I wage a constant battle with myself to constrain the scope of my collecting.
  6. I am more of a maths person than a wordsmith. I know what an oxford comma is but if you see me use one here it will be purely accidental. 
  7. I live in the future timezone-wise compared to most of the world, in sunny Brisbane, Australia.