Pelikan M600 Vibrant Green Special Edition, M600 14K Fine, inked with Diamine Bach

I do like a green pen, and this one is a favourite. It is a pattern sibling to this year’s Vibrant Orange with both having material with sections of gloss and matte finish.


This nice fine nib is the original one purchased with this pen. This nib and pen combination has not been used together since the first use in 2015.


I seem to be having a run of Diamine Music series inks at the moment. This superb-looking brown ink named for the composer Bach. This ink shades like there are no tomorrow, but this is a common trait of brown coloured inks.


Pelikan M815 Metal Striped Special Edition, M800 18K Italic Broad, inked with Diamine Tchaikovsky

The M815 Metal Striped makes its second appearance in the rotation; it has taken just over 4 ½ months for it to get to the top of my selections. I still find this pen to be very classy and weighty - I had forgotten that the body was 25% heavier than a standard M800.


This nib is possibly one of my favourite factory Pelikan nibs I own. It came into my collection 7 ¾ years ago and still writes with a deliciously broad wet line.


I am not sure what the composer Tchaikovsky has to do with the colour dark blue, but I don’t care. Diamine Tchaikovsky is a lovely deep dark blue that shades from this nib and sheens red where I have paused in the ligatures.


Pelikan M400 Black/Green Striated, M400 14K Italic Broad, inked with J.Herbin 1670 Edition Anniversaire Bleu Ocean

The M400 version of my many Black/Green Striated models makes its 16th time in use in the almost six years I have owned this pen. The M400 size is a great little pen the fits so well in the pocket.


Pelikan has so far only made an italic broad nib (IB) in M400 and M800 models. I wish they would produce a version for the M600 and M1000 sizes as well. This M400 version is OK but not great - If anything I feel that it is a drier writer than my other M400 nibs.


J.Herbin 1670 Edition Anniversaire inks usually contain gold dust to provide sparkles on the page. This ink and the Rouge Hematite I have are original releases before J.Herbin started to add the gold. Recently J.Herbin have re-released these limited edition inks with new packaging. I should purchase a sparkly version of this ink as it would add more interest. This ink shades well from the super broad nib but otherwise is a pretty standard medium blue.


Pelikan M620 Piccadilly Circus, M620 18K Medium, inked with Diamine Sepia

The M620 Piccadilly Circus is one of the more colourful Pelikan’s that I own. Pelikan is usually such a conservative company when it comes to their designs, but this is seriously out there.


This medium 18K M620 nib is the one that came with this pen. This combination is together only for the second time, and it has been almost seven years since their first use. Most of these old 18K M620 nibs write very well, and this one is no exception.


Diamine Sepia is a lovely light brown shade. Is it really sepia? - I thought sepia was supposed to be a few shades darker and more reddish. Oh well, this is still a good ink that shades very well.


Pelikan M805 Stresemann Anthracite, M800 18K 0.6mm Stub, inked with Kyo No Oto No.06 adzukiiro

This pen is the biggest Stresemann currently available, there have been rumours of an M1005 version releasing this year (2018), but it will be 2019 at the earliest now.


I don’t know how many times I have said it, but I will repeat it - There is nothing like using a custom ground nib. Richard Binder ground this 0.6mm stub and like all of his nibs this is a beautiful writer.


Yes, I am still journeying through the sights of Kyoto. Today’s ink is adzukiiro - meaning red beans. It is an ode to the red bean paste used in Japanese and Chinese desserts. It is a lovely burgundy colour.


Pelikan M101N Bright Red Special Edition, M101N 14K Extra Fine, inked with Kyo No Oto No.01 nurebairo

Making its seventh time into my rotation is the very pretty M101N Bright Red SE. This pen is the latest edition in the retro-looking M101N range. This range seems to be on a two-year release cycle so there should be a new due next year.


M101N nibs are so pure, retro, and of excellent quality. This extra fine was the nib that came with this pen, and unlike a lot of my newer Pelikan extra fine nib, it is true to size.


I am continuing my trek through the range Kyo No Oto inks with their No1 nurebairo making its way into use. I read on the 'net this ink described as a black ink for people who dislike black inks. It is not a true black but has a bluish undertone. This fine nib probably doesn’t show this ink at its best.


Pelikan M620 Berlin, M600 14K Broad, inked with Kyo No Oto No.09 keshimurasaki

The M620 Berlin is high in my rankings as my favourite pen in my collection. The marble effect that occurs in four of the city series pens is most striking in green.


This is a pretty boring broad nib, with a large round tip that does nothing for me.


Keshimurasaki means offset purple, this very muted greyish, purple shade was used for formal kimono dresses during the Heian-era (700~1100 CE). It is a very subtle colour that is not shown at its best in these scans.


Pelikan M620 Stockholm, M600 14K 1mm Stub, inked with Montblanc James Purdey & Sons Single Malt

One of my oldest M620 series pens makes its 21st appearance in my pen rotation. The Stockholm is a classic semi-transparent marble effect pen, a style that has four variations within the City Series.


My only Mike Masuyama custom grind nib, it came into my collection by way of Dan Smith now more famous as The Nibsmith. It produces a 1mm wide line and is quite wet - just how I like them.


The now standard 50ml cubed bottles used in most of Montblanc latest limited edition inks. It is a good shape for filling all manner of pens.


James Purdey & Sons is a UK manufacturer of game hunting guns and associated items. This ink, which is scented to smell like single malt whisky, was made complement a limited edition pen. I must say this ink is the best example I have of an alcohol-based scent - it smells exactly like a good single malt whisky. The smell also remains persistent on the page. The colour is brownish orange that is very similar in tone to that of J.Herbin 1798 Cornaline d'Egypte. The ink shades well from this broad stub, but no sheen is evident.


Pelikan M205 Yellow Demonstrator, M405 14K Broad, inked with Kyo No Oto No.03 kokeiro

Being one of only two pens I have that has a rating of five it is strange to see this pen in use without it being inked it up with a devil’s concoction from Noodler’s, or some sparkly ink from J.Herbin. I have been lucky that none the weird inks have stained it to any real extent.


This lovely little broad nib has been in my collection for a year and day. I bought this nib as a spare with the view to using it in my M205 Toledo Red. It is not the most exciting nib, but it does start every time and produces a nice wet line.


I am going to see a lot of these lovely little 40ml Kyo No Oto bottles over the next few weeks because I recently completed the current set of these inks by buying the last eight bottles.


Kokeiro means moss colour in Japanese, moss where I live is greener than this, but it certainly is a lovely shade. It reminds me of Diamine Wagner and Robert Oster Signature Gold Antiqua; both I think are more golden and less green. This ink shades up a storm from this broad nib, but fails to show any sheen.


Pelikan M805 Clear Demonstrator Special Edition, M800 18K Medium, inked with Montblanc Meisterstück Ultra Black

Back into use today is my very expensive TWSBI knockoff aka the M805 Clear Demonstrator SE. This pen worries more than all my other pens put together. I would hate to stain it beautiful crystal clear acrylic.


Into use today comes a very old M800 18K medium nib, the telltale marks to back up this statement are the two chicks and the stamped symbol to the right of M nib size imprint. This nib writes OK - a medium nib is seldom exciting.


This ink was last in use in September 2016, wow how time flies. Black is the most boring ink colour of them all, the most you can expect is minimal shading. On the plus side, there is nothing that says business like black ink on a white page.


Pelikan M605 Dark Blue, M600 14K Fine, inked with Noodler's La Reine Mauve

Not much to say about this pen - it is a weird shade of blue that is not that dark to my eye. This model also comes in M405 and M805 sizes, both of which I wish to collect at some stage.


This 14K M600 fine might have the letter F engraved on it but in practise it writes like a broad. I don’t really know why the makers of this nib could get it so wrong. It writes well but produces a broad wet line.


Noodler La Reine Mauve is pretty nice waterproof royal purple colour. Like a lot of the early Noodler’s this is a very saturated ink. The broad nib doesn’t do this ink any favours.


Pelikan M320 Ruby Red, M300 14K Broad, inked with Bookbinders Snake Ink Ground Rattler

The cuteness continues with my Ruby Red M320 making its sixteenth appearance in my rotation. Like its M600 big brother, this pen has a lovely ruby red marbled pattern in the material, some people dislike the black blind cap and grip, but I like the contrast.


I have been collecting spare M300 nibs of late. This broad came from Cult Pens in the UK who have a few M300 nibs still in stock. It feels a bit weird to have such a wide nib on a tiny pen, but you soon forget about it once you write a few words and marvel at the smoothness.


I don’t remember this ink being so pale, in my notes from its last use I did note that it was a similar shade to iroshizuku kiri-same. It shades well, but all grey inks shade. I hope it is legible on the Clairefontaine paper stock I use at the office.


Pelikan M620 Grand Place, M620 18K Fine, inked with Diamine Vivaldi

I continue my trek through my M620 series pens with the Grand Place making its way into use. I think the M620 version is much nicer the M800 version released in 2016. I like the caramel coloured blind cap better than the black one on the M800.


An old M620 18K fine nib - writes superbly with a line width I like, enough said.


Yes, another Diamine Music set ink - Vivaldi is a very dark aubergine colour that almost looks black from this fine nib. It shades slightly and will be a good ink for the office.


Pelikan M620 Shanghai, M600 14K Medium, inked with Diamine Händel

Until I received my M600 Vibrant Orange during the week, this pen was my only M600 that contained any orange colour. The Shanghai is very colourful with translucent stripes of orange and candy red around the barrel and cap.


There is nothing much to say about the M600 14K two-tone medium nib besides it writes well, not much more you can ask for from a nib.


I seem to be in the middle of a Diamine patch at the moment; it is the second largest by the number of inks in my collection, so it is not too strange to have a few of them in use together. Diamine Händel is from the Music set of inks and is a lovely Aubergine shade; it is a classy colour that goes well at the office.


Pelikan M320 Jade Green Special Edition, M300 14K BB, inked with Diamine Cult Pens Iridescink Robert

My pretty Jade Green M320 makes its second appearance into my rotation. I love this cute little pen that I can only use posted.


Look at the tipping on this nib, so stubby! I bought this nib from an online vendor that specialises in selling new old stock pen parts returned from stores. I didn’t even know that Pelikan made an M300 nib in the double broad size. It is old (two chicks) and writes superbly with a wet line. Why oh why can’t Pelikan make their modern BB nibs like this?


This is the first of Diamine’s new design bottles to make its way into my possession. They are much the same size and shape as the old shape. They have a wide opening and enough height to allow even the large nib to be submerged.


I bought this Diamine Cult Pens special edition mostly for the name. Robert is a weird name for an ink. It came about due to a public vote to name this plus one other ink, and the Cult Pens staff said that the best they could come up with was Robert.

The ink itself lives up to the label of being “iredescink”. The ink’s true colour is burgundy, but on Tomoe River paper it sheens so much that my writing samples look like they were written with gold ink. Even the scanned samples below sheen on half of the letters. I am not usually a fan of super sheeny inks, but I can get on board with this one.


Pelikan M600 Vibrant Orange Special Edition, M600 14K Extra Fine, inked with Diamine Gerbera

It has been a long wait, but it is finally here, the latest special edition release from Pelikan, the M600 Vibrant Orange SE. It is so very orange though it does have a slight pattern where on mine two stripes along the barrel are more sparkly than other parts. Like the other pens in Vibrant series, only the blind cap and grip section is black. The material is quite translucent as evidenced from pen image above where you can easily see the grip and nib end gold ring.


I chose to get an extra fine nib with this pen hoping that the advertised cost increase for this size nib would lead to better quality grinds and therefore nibs will produce a finer line. Well, my theory paid off with this 14K extra fine nib as it wrote perfectly out of the box with a line width that rivals some of my early-2000s extra fine nibs. All in all, I am delighted with this nib.


I chose to over-rule my database’s selection for the ink to go with this orange. I felt that at least first up I should ink up an orange ink. Given the limits of needing to be ink that with a 4 for DOW, an ink rating of 2 or less and being orange I ended up only having a choice between Diamine Gerbera and Robert Oster Signature Orange. As you can see I chose the Gerbera. It is a nice shading orange ink that lacks a brightness compared to ROS Orange but will be more useful at the office.


Pelikan M805 Black, M805 18K Extra Fine, inked with Noodler's Fox Red

This M805 Black with silver trim pen is back in use again so soon as the top of my ink selection is dominated with more dangerous inks and this it is one of a limited number of pens that I use with these inks.


This nib is back for a second consecutive use with together being in use in late August. One of my few true extra fine nibs. Its line is possibly too thin for my normal handwriting.


Noodler’s Fox Red ink is so dry. I swabbed this ink today, and it ran out of ink flow halfway through my waves. This particular ink has to be one of the most boring inks I own. It does have its advantages, being eternal it is waterproof, UV proof and resistant to chemicals. It is unlikely to come off paper once it is dry.


Pelikan M405 Black/Blue Straited, M405 14K Fine, inked with Diamine Mozart

A classy looking, pocketable little pen. I own this pen colour in the M800 model as well.


Today is this nib’s second time in use. I bought this M405 Rhodium plated nib to use with my M205 pens instead of their steel nibs.


I am not sure what connection Mozart had with the colour brown or for that matter what any of the composers had with the Diamine Music Inks that bare their name. Mozart is an excellent looking brown at the redder end of the scale. It shades well (but all brown inks shade), but I cannot see any sheen at all. (Do brown inks sheen?)


Pelikan M600 Turquoise Special Edition, M620 18K Medium, inked with Rohrer & Klingner Aubergine Limited Edition 2018

M600 Turquoise Special Edition makes its third time into the rotation in the seven and a half months I have owned it. This pen is the second favourite to the Pink, and together they make a great couple.


Another of my many M620 18K Medium nibs, they all work well and are the most consistent across the board of all of my nibs.


This Rohrer and Klingner limited edition ink came in the standard sized bottle. It is a perfect size and shape for ease of filling.


I was hoping for more shading from this ink. It does shade but not much. This ink does sheen golden very faintly and may exhibit more sheen from a broader nib.


Pelikan M800 Black/Green Striated, M800 18K Fine, inked with Levenger Fireball

A comment in a Facebook group last week made me think about what my favourite size of Pelikan pen. I decided that I can’t really choose between the M600 size and the M800 size; both have their pros and cons. On this occasion, I get to ink up one of my classic black/green striated pens in M800 size.


I really dislike this nib. It is smooth, and ink flows well, but it is a liar. It has the letter F inscribed on this nib, but it writes like a broad (B). I received this nib with the M800 Grand Place SE and was warned at the time that the nib was broad.


I can’t even remember where this ink came from, I think it was thrown in with one of the pens I bought off eBay. It is a pretty ordinary colour being a shade of orange-red without shading or sheen.